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BG corp. pushing for U.S. 68 national status

By ROBYN L. MINOR, The Daily News, rminor@bgdailynews.com
February 4, 2009 12:31 PM CST

Area tourism officials are lauding the designation of the length of U.S. 68 from Paducah to Maysville as a scenic byway. Now, We Make Things Happen Corp., based in Bowling Green, will continue its push to get national designation for the roadway that runs east to west across the state.“ They recently applied for and received state designation for the section of U.S. 68 from Lebanon to Paducah, which means the entire U.S. 68 corridor from Paducah to Maysville is now a State Scenic Byway,” said Vicki Fitch, executive director for the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. “They have just received permission from the National Scenic Byway office in Washington, D.C., to use a recent grant to develop a corridor management plan for the entire route instead of only being able to develop one for the section from Maysville to Lebanon. Once completed, they can apply for National Scenic Byway designation for all of U.S. 68 rather than one section at a time.”

Fitch said the organization is now working on getting resolutions passed in fiscal courts and commitment letters for a 20 percent match for a grant from counties along U.S. 68. The grant is for $83,000 and requires $1,000 from each participating county to help develop the management plan, said Debbie Spencer, president of WMTH.

“The State Scenic Byway designation is a wonderful honor to have but there is no funding that comes with it,” Spencer said. “That’s why it is so important to have the corridor management plan so we can get that national designation. “As soon as we have that corridor management plan, we can apply for federal status and are eligible for special signs, and we are listed on the National Scenic Byways Web site,” she said. “We can begin applying for major funding including for signage, visitors centers, bike routes, greenways and brochures. It’s very broad as to how the money can be spent.”

Spencer said she expects to take the next six to 12 months in developing the management plan that will “help protect and recognize what’s along the road with an inventory and figuring out what needs to be preserved and interpreted.” The most high profile event along the road has been the 400-mile-long yard sale each June, which has been featured on HGTV and other television programs. “This event has really taken off thanks to the many participants along the corridor who advertise and promote it,” Fitch said.

Kentucky Transportation Secretary Joe Prather said the designation will help identify the special qualities of the corridor and aid in its future preservation and enhancement. The Kentucky Scenic Byways and Highways program defines a scenic byway or highway as having special aesthetic, cultural, historic or archaeological value, worthy of preservation, restoration, protection and enhancement. The program includes about 1,600 miles of roads. "We are really excited about the designation,” Spencer said. “I didn’t know if we could get it all done (needing support from the new counties).”

2008 Press Releases and News Articles

Four days, 400 miles and hundreds of antiques, yard sales, craft booths, and special events await you! Travel Hwy 68-80 through Kentucky for four great days of shopping, eating and just being entertained. Special events planned all along the route.

Historic Highway 68 was once a major thoroughfare across Kentucky. But due to bypasses, interstates and parkways, many people have forgotten how much these communities have to offer. We want to change this. Twenty-five counties and more than 60 communities have come together and are participating in a 400 mile 4-day sale along this historic route! We see it as a huge opportunity for businesses and communities to entice visitors to once again stop by and rediscover the many hidden treasures each area has to offer.

The 400 Mile “Antiques, Collectibles and Stuff” four-day sale across Kentucky June 5-8 goes from east to west along historic highway 68 from Paducah to Old Washington and back again! Not only are there over 400 antique shops along this route, there will be hundreds of dealers and booths set up all along the way with everything you can imagine (and even things you can’t). Visit nearly 60 historic communities, enjoying Kentucky cuisine, unique dining experiences and southern hospitality at every stop. Come taste our grits, cornbread, hot browns, biscuits and ham, sweet ice tea, and hot apple pies as you “shop til you drop”.

Visit our website at 400mile.com or call (270)781-6858 if you are interested in setting up a booth, hosting a yard sale or want to order a brochure which includes a map of the route. The 400mile.com website features unique dining opportunities and special events taking place all four days, a list of B&B’s and other lodging, and “hot spots” where you will find lots and lots of sales you don’t want to miss!

April 9, 2008

Shoppers from 28 states are coming to Kentucky to “Shop til they drop”!

Have you saved enough STUFF for this year’s 4-Day sale event???

This year’s event planners for the 5th Annual 400 Mile Sale across Kentucky can not believe the calls and e-mails coming in daily from all across the United States.  People from Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia as well as Ontario Canada are requesting maps and brochures on this year’s “Antiques, Collectibles and Stuff” 4-day event.  

“I can always tell when an article has recently run in a particular community or state.  We immediately get flooded with requests,” says Debby Spencer, Tourism Development Specialist for WMTH Corporation, an organization assisting in coordinating the event.   “With such a great response, we want to make sure that we have plenty of things to sell all across the 400 mile route so start saving your stuff!”  

This year’s event takes place June 5th – 8th and goes through 24 counties and 60 communities across Kentucky from Paducah to Old Washington and back again following historic Hwy 68.  Already, over 300 people have contacted the organizers to say they plan to set up a yard sale or offer special discounts at the hundreds of antique shops along the route.    Many of these locations are featured on the 400mile.com website.  Also featured are special events taking place over the 4-day event as well as a list of antique shops, unique dining experiences and lodging opportunities. Hundreds of photos are also available from last year’s event and a DVD available highlighting sites and interviews along the route.  

Call (270)781-6858 or e-mail us at sale@400mile.com and we will send you brochures, maps and more!  

February 10, 2008

“Antiques, Collectibles and STUFF”

4-day, 400 Mile Sale across Kentucky is happening again!

The word is getting out in other states! The 400 Mile Sale Across Kentucky along historic Highway 68 will take place June 5-8 and travels east to west across the state from Old Washington (near Maysville) to Traders Mall (just outside Paducah) and back again through 60 communities.

In the past two weeks we have had requests for information from the following states: West Virginia, Ontario, Canada, Illinois, Tennessee, California, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, Mississippi and Delaware. So START SAVING YOUR STUFF! This year is going to be bigger than ever and we need to make sure we have plenty of “STUFF” along the entire route to sell! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Hundreds of yard sales will be setting up all along the route and many of the antique shops and other unique businesses will be opening early and having side walk sales and store wide discounts! Come join us for four days and 400 miles of “Shop til You Drop”.

Already we have had numerous communities and individuals along the route calling and e-mailing us to let us know they will be setting up yard sales or holding special sales at their antique shops and other businesses along the route. Call (270)781-6858 or e-mail us today at sale@trailsrus.com and let us get you added FREE to the list of sale locations along the route featured on our website. And for those who aren’t located on or near Highway 68, visit our website at 400mile.com and find a location to set up. The more the better is what we are finding out!

Don’t miss this great event! Check out http://400mile.com for statistics of past events, hundreds of photos, details on sale locations, how to order FREE brochures, maps, posters and much much more!

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